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There's a little bit of something for everyone in downtown Fort Collins, CO where you will find beautifully decorated alleys, fun and hip little shops and a booming nightlife complete with bars, breweries and pianos throughout the busy areas of the town. While it is a great place to explore and have fun, it is also a commonly used studio for many photographers in Fort Collins. Here are ten spots worth checking out if you are having your senior portraits or professional business headshots taken downtown!

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10. Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO

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Downtown Fort Collins features not one, but two different squares to choose from. One is located on the zero block on Mountain and College, and the other is located just off of College Avenue next to Blue Agave Grill, and across from the Aggie Theater. Each square features a piano while the pianos are out for Fort Collins' Pianos About Town program, and the larger of the two features a full sized stage which is used for concerts and other events hosted in the city.

9. The Opera Galleria, Fort Collins, CO

Opera Galleria in old town Fort Collins, CO

The Opera Galleria is a great escape if per chance the weather goes downhill during your photoshoot, or something else causes you to need to take pictures inside. During the winter time, this area is also decorated accordingly and makes for an interesting spot to take pictures. It's also a great place to check out if you are struggling with midday sun during your photoshoot and allows for easy access to Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys as well as Rocket Fizz in Fort Collins, CO.

8. Lee Martinez Community Park, Fort Collins, CO

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Lee Martinez Park extends all the way from Maple and Mason Street in downtown Fort Collins and up several miles. It is attached to the Poudre Trail which runs along the Poudre River. This spot becomes lush and green during spring and summer time, and is a popular location for portraits of any kind! Nearby is the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and Dazbog Coffee.

7. Gustav Swanson Natural Area, Fort Collins, CO

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Gustav Swanson Natural area is a small spot located right off of Linden Street just behind Ranchway Feed Mills in Fort Collins, CO. It's an interesting area offering more variety to an urban photographers. This spot features tall, mature trees and is right near the Poudre river and trail, complete with bridges and natural areas.

6. Ranchway Feed Mills, Fort Collins, CO

This sounds like an odd place for photos, however I have found Ranchway Feeds to be a fun little location, and have used it in several photoshoots for my Fort Collins clients. It's not a horribly busy area, and can make for an interesting set. Its back is to Gustav Swanson Natural Area and the Fort Collins urban trail system, and is nearby the old Firehouse Alley and Old Town Square.

5. Old Town Library, Fort Collins, CO

The Old Town Library features a park, and if you are a bookworm, then a great environmental portraits background. The park outside is beautifully landscaped and has a piano out front during the Pianos About Town season, as well as an extra large chess set and a playground. There is a variety of trees available for use at this fun little Fort Collins location, and since it's close to other areas downtown, it's a great opportunity for photographers and their clients.

4. Rocket Fizz, Fort Collins, CO

Candy Product Photography at Rocket Fizz in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO

Rocket Fizz is a colorful store with just about every color of the rainbow. It's bright pops of color are unmatched by most other spots in Fort Collins, and it makes for an excellent background no matter what the photo occasion is!

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3. Jazz Alley, Fort Collins, CO

Jazz Alley is located near Coopersmith's in Old Town Square in downtown Fort Collins, CO and features a large mural as well as a metal sculpture of a music sheet. This hidden gem has been being used by photographers for years now, and the lighting is perfect at nearly all times of the day.

2. Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys, Fort Collins, CO


Head on into Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys where you will find a brightly decorated store with a large children's library. Behind Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys and between it and Comet Chicken you will find an alley with a large musical mural and during a portion of the year some a piano from the Piano's About Town collection.

1. Firehouse Alley, Fort Collins, CO

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Firehouse Alley can be found behind Firehouse Books and Silver Grill Cafe. The alley extends all the way across Linden Street behind Prost Brewing and Illegal Pete's. This cool little alley features murals, beautiful flower pots, a fancy cottage and interesting stairwells and architecture. 

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