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Photography is not cheap, and that's because it is not a cheap business to run when you consider the cost of website maintenance, editing software, photography, computer and printing equipment; insurance, marketing and the amount of time spent in working. In Fort Collins, splitting the cost of living isn't uncommon, and it can help you save money while still getting everything you need.

Here are seven ways to cut down costs when hiring a photographer, including buddy/shared sessions, volunteerism, payment plans and some DIY tips!

cellphone pictures with friends - yes, i'm FR

With the dawn of cellphones it's not uncommon to take selfies. However, consider doing this with friends, and rather than selfies, trade off taking each others pictures. I may be alone in this, but I will admit that cellphones can take some incredible pictures! Combined with the gorgeous scenery found throughout Fort Collins, CO it is entirely possible to have pictures taken with phones that appear professional. There are a few quid pro quo's and tricks to making them appear professional, generally in framing/composition, lighting and technique. But don't worry! I want everyone to be a great photographer, so I have a great eBook that you can download here which will teach you about techniques and tricks to taking your own pictures that appear to be somewhat pro. :-)  

Selfie stick picture in Fort Collins, CO

photographers that will trade services

Let's face it. The service industry is somewhat of a dying breed, and it can get expensive doing what you love for a living. This is why so many service professionals are more than willing to trade service for equal service. Although whether or not trade is an option is dependent upon each service workers needs, I have commonly found myself trading with car mechanics, hair stylists and restaurants (when providing commercial services.) I have even traded review services, and I still frequently do in combination with ghostwriting services! Although some photographers are opposed to this, some of us are perfectly fine with trade, if it is a trade that is equally beneficial. In Fort Collins, this isn't a guarantee for every photographer, but hey! I'm open to it.

Painting With a Twist in Fort Collins, CO - Employee Portrait

low-income photography services

While a lot of the options provided here may be available through most photographers, there are some of us who are compassionate, having come from backgrounds of poverty. Seriously, I was a foster kid and I know what it's like to feel like the only one who can't get decent senior portraits. 

Speaking of: I provide free senior portraits photography services to high school students in Fort Collins, CO who are facing hardships or experiencing a turbulent family life that makes getting decent senior portraits seem impossible. This is an honor-based system, however, and may be revoked at any time.

If this is a service you are in need of, or feel would benefit you then please let me know!  :-)


volunteer assistant work trade

This is a win-win opportunity. While you may not be directly behind a camera, you may be able to help out and learn about invaluable skills that are highly desirable in the workforce, especially including basic coding, photo editing software programs, website maintenance, social media marketing, sales/selling tactics and more. Fort Collins is an extremely competitive market and as we know photographers are usually broke AF meaning this is a great way to learn and grow skills and obtain the best pics ever, and also giving the photographer a break from some of the most mundane tasks that we face on a day to day basis.

Interested in trading volunteer services? 
contact me now >

photography mini-sessions - or group rates

Many photographers in Fort Collins where you can take advantage of mini-sessions which are short, sweet and to the point. These sessions are usually between a half an hour and 45 minutes and offer the bare minimum when it comes to services. These are usually done on a specific day at a certain time and include others who aren't looking for much involving photography services.

Myer Holiday Pictures | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

finding a photographer who offers payment plans

Payment arrangements are typical when finding photographers, but finding an arrangements that are suited to your needs may be a challenge. I currently offer several options where payments can be made in full, split in half, thirds or even quarters! The cost varies slightly between payment arrangements due to credit card processing fees and other business-related factors, but make services more attainable to most of my clients.

Real Life Photography of Darah Soria, Pics by Darah | Fort Collins, CO Photographer

shared photography sessions [group rates & discounts]

Shared sessions guarantee three things for people who need to have either headshots or senior portraits done in Fort Collins: 

1. Affordability
2. Less intimidation
3. Fun 
4. Memories

Over the years, I have learned that seniors and business professions would highly prefer to have their pictures taken in a setting where there is familiarity and where he or she can feel like herself. This is a challenge for most of us, who are camera shy and afraid to offer control of our outer appearance to another person.

This is a service that is currently exclusive to my business, Pics by Darah, and is provided for seniors and business professionals. 

The cost is essentially split by multiple people, and the number of images slightly increases as all participants receive their own private galleries the way a normal client would. 

While galleries are separate, clients are invited to take a buddy or group portrait with their friend or friends/colleagues. 

This service can cut the cost of a photography session in half, thirds or quarters making the cost as low as $30 for some updated photos in Fort Collins.

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