find the best family photographers in fort collins

[family portraits]

You want to hire the best photographer you can find, because you don't hire them often. Likely you are new to the area and looking for someone with artistic talent in the work that they do. I am a highly skilled and trained photographer with over 16 years of experience and a developed eye for lighting, technique, locations and poses for my clients. 

There are a ton of talented photographers in Fort Collins, and it is indeed a competitive market, so you are in luck! There is no shortage of skill out there, but I am sure to please you both with my price and portfolio.

I offer sessions which cover the entire family and also just the kids if you aren't in the mood to be in the spotlight. 

okay, but how do you know the photographer you are considering is the best tho?


The best photographer that you hire is going to be one with a lot of experience, and one which you feel like you vibe with. Talent is great and all, but personality also counts! If you are looking at a photographer that only has a few different people in their portfolio, then you likely aren't looking at the best. Or a momtographer - an amateur who has a camera but has not actually gone through any formal training or real world experience. A large portfolio shows that a photographer truly has what it takes to deliver an excellent finished product to you. 

Check out my post on selecting a photographer for senior portraits! The same rules apply to family photographers too, of course.

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