7 locations photographers should consider using during the spring

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Alright so there are a lot of places in Fort Collins, but where to have them taken really depends on which part of spring we're talking about. Between late March and late June the scenery changes drastically and weather varies between sunny days, hail, snowstorms and rain. In March and April you will find the city is starting to come to life with trees, flowers and grass and in May and June you will see hail, rain and 95 degree weather sporadically. Here are 7 places to consider using for your portraits to take advantage of Fort Collins' spring time.

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7. Library Park | Fort Collins, CO

Library Park is located on the corner of Mathews and Oak Street downtown,  and its caretakers have done much to get their landscape up and going. Come April the flowers and grass are beginning to freshen up. This is an excellent location, because it is located in Old Town Fort Collins where, if you are struggling to find live plants, there are plenty of walls and murals that can be used. 

6. Old Town | Fort Collins

With so many places in Fort Collins to choose from, Old Town is a simple and optimal choice for photographers of any experience level. Here you will find murals, parks, walls and hidden alley ways that make for excellent photographs. Why not go exploring in Old Town and check out Jazz Alley, Library Park or even Clothes Pony while you're down there?

5. City Park | Fort Collins, CO

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City Park is somewhat of an easy choice when deciding where to take pictures in Fort Collins, but where in City Park can become a whole new challenge and and of itself. City Park has 223 different species of trees, offering evergreens as a prime backdrop at the beginning of the spring, or deciduous trees towards mid to late spring. While some areas are out in the bright sun, some are covered with large and mature shady trees making it optimal for midday shooting too!

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4. Edora Park | Fort Collins, CO


Edora Park has a lot of evergreens that can be used to your advantage when you are struggling to find a place with a decent backdrop. It also has a skate park which can be an excellent prop when the occasion calls for it!

3. Horsetooth Falls | Fort Collins, CO

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Consider asking your photographer or your client if they are willing to go for a little hike. Perfect for engagements and special occasions - use the trail as your backdrop on the way up for a wide variety of finished pictures. Horsetooth Falls' peak season is from late April through mid to late May depending upon how much snow accumulated during the winter time.

2. Your Client's Home

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Fort Collins can have unpredictable weather all through the year, but none so much more as spring when you will find that shifts in the weather can be frustrating. If your client maintains their home well, and it's a decently sized space, then it can be easy to take their portraits and it can be fun to tap into your creative side. That old antique fireplace can be used just as easily as the painted blue walls in their bedroom. (And yes, the image above was actually taken in the home of a client of mine.)

1. Troutman Park | Fort Collins, CO

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Troutman Park is a little bit less busy than a lot of other parks in Fort Collins, because it is buried in the center of a small neighborhood off of Troutman Parkway and Manhattan Avenue. Between April and May the park starts to come to life with dandelions, soft grass, a gentle creek, dandelions and Flowering Pear Trees. You know - those trees that line the streets with gorgeous pink and white flowers? In the back of the park towards Lopez Elementary you will find a forest of these beautiful trees.

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