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Fort Collins is a photographer's dream, and you will never run out of options in terms of places to shoot when you don't have your own photo studio. Studios are overrated anyways, I say, when you can  make the entire world your own studio! During the summer, you may get bored of using the same places over and over again, so here are seven spots to use; some of which you may not have ever even known or thought of!

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7. City Park | Fort Collins, CO

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City Park is good for just about any season that you shoot in, and will offer you a somewhat easy spot to work with, as the entire park is in full bloom, you will find spots around the lake and on the Northeast-most corner with lush thickets or trees, bushes and other plants.

6. Horsetooth Reservoir | Fort Collins, CO


During the summer time, the grass is thick along the foothills, and the reservoir maxes out its depth. For a photoshoot here, there are plenty of areas around the reservoir to explore which may offer some extra landscapes like the marina, Lory State Park and Horsetooth Rock Trail (about 5 minutes away.) The only trouble with this area is that you may need to travel between different locations at Horsetooth since it is a pretty large area!

5. Old Firehouse Alley | Fort Collins, CO

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The old Fire House Alley is located right behind Firehouse Books, Prost Brewing Co. and Illegal Peet's. This alley extends across Linden Street, and behind Happy Lucky Tea House. This awesome alley will provide you with murals, ivy draped walls, a cottage with a flower garden and a path lined with flower pots and other flora. The catch is that this area can be busy, and you may need to wait between shots on occasion. If you are doing a quick session then this may not be the best spot.

4. The Rock Garden | Fort Collins, CO

The Rock Garden is indeed a business, however when you show up there, you will notice a park which belongs to them, but is open to the public. Not a lot of people are aware that this is a place where you can just hang out, but you will find so many different spots to take pictures, you will wish you had known it sooner! Here you will find picnic tables, rock structures, grassy areas and a small but beautifully landscaped park. 

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3. CSU Trial Gardens | Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins Photographer at the CSU Trial Gardens

Have you ever driven down Remington or ridden your bike through the garden across from Old Fort Collins High School? If you have then you have likely noticed the flower garden just off of Fort Collins' urban trail system. These gardens have a massive variety of flowers grown by the agricultural department at Colorado State University. They can be used as a backdrop, and so can the gazebo in the park, as well as the beautiful architecture of Old Fort Collins High School.

2. Gateway Park | Poudre Canyon

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Gateway Park is a bit of a drive, but if your clients are willing to make that trip then let's just say they will NOT regret it. It is located in the Poudre Canyon, and there is a nominal charge that must be paid to stay for the day. This spot has an actual park, lush thickets and the Poudre River running straight through it! There is also a hiking trail that runs straight up to a large reservoir.

1. Watson Lake | LaPorte, CO

Fort Collins Photographer - Hovey Family - Watson Lake

Watson Lake and State Fish Hatchery is located in LaPorte, which is about 5 minutes away from Old Town Fort Collins. This location offers such a wide variety of scenery that it's hard to say no to it. With mountains to the west, cliffs to the East and lush forests and thickets, you won't run out of options while you are shooting here. Not only that, but besides the lake the Poudre River also runs through this spot, along with trails and bridges. This spot is relatively unknown and can save you from the hassle of having people photobomb your pictures and other common environmental distractions.


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