industries & businesses eligible for free photography & why it's free

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Product photography does not have to be expensive. I provide it at an affordable rate for businesses which are looking to save, but still have professional images to use for their social media and website. I provide this service for free to startups and select industries including the following:

1. Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Bud, Marijuana: Includes growing facilities and harvests, CBD products, edibles and dispensary store fronts.

2. Coffee Products: Coffee shops, artistically crafted coffee and tea beverages (e.g. a fancy cappuccino.)

3. Adult Beverage Industry: Includes microbreweries, home breweries, bars and well-crafted drinks (e.g. a fancy margarita.)

full size files with full copyrights - my treat to you!

Picture of a cappuccino at the Alley Cat Cafe in Fort Collins, CO

why i am able to provide this service for free

I realize it sounds crazy for this stuff to be free, and probably even too good to be true. I would go as far as to say and agree with the sentiment that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is in fact too good to be true. However, my profits don't always have to come from my clients. I sell a lot of my work on stock image websites where I earn a small amount of money for certain products which I have to sell images of. This means that those people who purchase images like that are actually paying for you to have your pictures taken. 

...i accept tips, but please do NOT feel obligated

Some people feel weird about getting free services, so I allow people to tip or pay what they feel is fair when I take pictures. I don't press it, and there is seriously no catch to any of this. I do this for the love of photography, and because I enjoy what I do for a living!

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