what to expect at your dating app photography session

At your appointment, you can expect to check out several locations and you should be prepared to change your shirt a few times. If you are doing outfit changes, then I recommend you wearing a tank top or undershirt. Prior to your appointment, I will help you choose outfits and locations based upon your hobbies and interests, the type of person you are trying to attract and what you are trying to convey about yourself, your looks and so forth.

Half of your appointment must be paid for before I can reserve a spot on my calendar - especially during busy seasons. I recommend booking about two weeks in advance.

At the appointment, I will go with you to agreed upon locations and assist you in choosing shirts, depending on each individual backdrop we use. I will also spend a bit of time teaching you how to take selfies - how to choose good lighting, angles, poses and expressions. Your photographs will range from extremely casual to a little bit more classy. I take my time, and I do not rush appointments so it could last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours - if you have the time.

pricing: dating app profile photography

just pictures - $50

This service requires a $50 deposit to reserve space on my calendar. Once I have received the $50 deposit we will go ahead and start collaborating on your session. I will help you with everything from what to wear, how to accessorize, what to do with your makeup and at your session I assist with posing and I even TEACH YOU how to take selfies that don't suck.

After you session I upload the photos to a private gallery where you can choose which ones to buy. I do it this way because I believe that you should only get pictures that you LIKE. 

full size/original quality images: $50
large size/compressed images: $40

entire gallery: $250

pricing: dating app profile design

dating app profile design - simple apps - $50

I charge $50 per dating profile that is on an app such as Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel and other simplified apps with character limits, no questions and your pictures are emphasized far more than your actual profile. These profiles don't have much to them, and are less likely to lead to anything long term. If short term is your goal then this is your best bet!

dating app profile design - extensive apps - $100

For more extensive apps like OKCupid!, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony or match.com, I charge $100. These are more expensive, because the questions are far more in depth than other simple "swipe right or left" apps. There are no character limits and some websites, like OKCupid! have extensive customization features nowadays.

which dating app should i use though?!

Not to worry, my friend. I will help you select an app, or a few. The app or apps that you should be using is based upon your interests, beliefs, hobbies, age, gender, the type of person you hope to attract and ambition in the dating world. That could mean you are only mildly interested in dating, or it could mean you have had zero luck whatsoever. Perhaps you have gone through the motions of dating and people have been total nightmares. Or maybe you are just wanting a fresh look and are at a loss for words. I can most definitely help you just choose an app!


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