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The editing process that I use keeps your pictures looking like you, but enhances your best qualities and features! The session will take the least amount of time while editing is what consumes the majority of any photographer's time. Editing may be done to brighten your eyes, make colors pop out, remove temporary blemishes like pimples and enhance the quality of your skin. The goal is not to make you look like a different person, but to help you feel more comfortable when sharing your pictures with the public.

find a photographer that doesn't just make you look good

find one that makes you look DAMN good.

Amateur vs. Professional Photography | Fort Collins, CO Photographer

I asked my client and friend Jenny here if I could use her photograph to demonstrate the work that goes into edits. In this particular image, I adjusted the brightness, temperature and contrast of the image. Then I went in and I smoothed out her skin slightly, and made enhancements to her eyes to brighten them somewhat. Her hair color is also adjusted so that it pops out against the green background - opposite colors typically work well with one another. Her shirt had a little bit of pet fur, so this was also eliminated from the image. 

The goal here was not to make her look like an entirely different person, of course but make sure that viewers focused on her best features. 

I do not edit people's weight or permanent features (freckles, moles, etc.) typically, because these features can be manipulated with the lighting and posing of an individual. Nah.. I edit temporary blemishes, like acne or skin that is blotchy from the cold, or cuts and scrapes on children's knees. 

This is only one example, of course, and required very few edits. Some require more; e.g. a teenager going through an acne spurt, or a rugby player with a bunch of battle scars.

this is what you are actually paying for when you hire a photographer

When you hire a photographer, you aren't just paying for the session itself. In fact, taking your pics takes the least amount of time compared to the work that goes into editing. Per image, I typically spend between ten and twenty minutes on images editing. Some have even taken me closer to 45 minutes (typically group portraits are what take the longest.) 

Don't get me wrong, though - the session is part of the cost, and of course having a photographer who understands how to use natural light and make you look great before even sending your pictures into processing.

where to find a good photographer in fort collins, co 

You already look good, but you want to hire someone with style. Each photographer is going to have a style and every single one of them varies. You may prefer something more candid, or you may prefer something more posey and...meh. You may find photographers with a more classic style or something far more contemporary. Some are going to provide a service that is very standard in a portrait studio and some are going to have a more artistic style. 

Need more tips on selecting a photographer? 
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So now you should know what goes into editing. I provide photography services which give you both the black and white and colored version of each picture I take and share with you. This is because some people are more into black and white and others prefer color. 

Generally I teach my students that they should only use color if it is bringing something to the picture. This is called color theory and is what makes some images with color more appealing than others. For example in the picture of my friend Jenny up there, red and green are complimentary, or opposite, colors.

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