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If you are looking for a family photographer in Fort Collins, but you aren't entirely sure what you want to do or what location you would like to consider, think about using your home! This makes for interesting and unique photographs. Whether you are doing something special for the day or you just want to record every day moments, an experienced lifestyle photographer can help you out big time. 

My experience has typically been where I act as nothing more than a fly on the wall, and let you carry on your life the way you normally would. This requires a bit of trust, of course - to allow someone into your home to see what your real life is like. I am judgment free and have worked with everyone ranging from underprivileged to upper class. One of my biggest joys is observing, and getting to know people on a deep and personal level. I recommend a full day for lifestyle photography since it can sometimes take a bit of time for anything interesting to happen, and finding a photographer who offers this as an option.

These sessions are typically much longer than a normal family portraits session, because usually when I arrive people are still getting ready for the day, and it can take awhile to build a bit of trust. I observe, but I also interact with my clients to some degree, as it can take a bit of communication for me to know what's going on and what we plan to do. I assist with planning prior to the photoshoot, and I mostly reserve talking for when I am asked a specific question, or in order to get children/spouses/family members to feel more comfortable.

Hall Family | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer
Hall Family | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

how lifestyle family photography works

One of the key differences between lifestyle photography and traditional family pictures is that lifestyle is far more photojournalistic. A talented lifestyle photographer will know when to ask questions/get information from people and when to stand back and simply photograph. 

Lifestyle photography can often be far more emotional than traditional family portraiture as well. I am asked for this service a lot of the time when families are leaving a beloved family home, or when they plan to visit their cabin in the mountains for a few days. After a couple of hours I tend to blend right in with families, getting to know them on a personal level and collecting a few notes along the way to add to your story.

If lifestyle isn't really your thing, then maybe look into traditional family portraits which offer families something a little bit more basic - that is, just heading out to the park or the lake and getting your pictures taken with a professional - with posing and less candid moments.

The Bondurant Family - Round 2! | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

make sure you have a couple (or a few!) locations in mind

While some photographers limit the amount of time they spend with a family, and only shoot at their home, I believe that people - especially here in Fort Collins - live not only in the home, but in the city. Therefore making a part of their lifestyle this wonderful little town we live in. This is an area that is known for outdoorsy folks, and people who enjoy more than just sitting around at home. Granted there are some homebodies out here, but you won't often find people who don't enjoy going downtown, or heading up to Horsetooth for a hike. 

This is why I recommend choosing more than one location for lifestyle photography. You could choose anything - a lake, Old Town, Poudre River, your family's cabin, the mall, a park, a hotel... really anything you can put your mind to.

Visio Sonis: Land of Confusion, Genesis; Disturbed | Fort Collins, CO Fine Art Photographer |  Can't You See This is the Land of Confusion
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