photography project for beginners - conceptual relationships

Photographers should become efficient at discovering relationships in the natural world, which are not as obvious as a couple or family’s annual portraits. Even when these subjects are used, there are smaller details which may represent other relationships: for example the subject’s hands or feet, or the room (setting) they are in. Finding conceptual relationships can be invigorating to any professional photographer given their rarity. Once these relationships are able to be found with ease, they can later be used to enhance a couple’s engagement portraits or family pictures in order to avoid making drab, featureless pictures. 


1. Get out of the house, either in an urban or natural setting and look for three subjects which demonstrate relationships either as frames within frames, juxtaposition, repetition or any combination of the three. The more you can get into a single image the better!
2. Take at least three images, but really as many as you would like.
3. Edit the photographs in black and white.

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