project for beginning photographers - comparing perspectives

Playing with perspectives can be tricky, because it is often done without even thinking about it. By now you should be familiar with edge tension and be able to setup your own still photography scene or challenge yourself and find one out in a public space and use it to create images. When comparing perspectives and attempting to try new things without actually using lenses capable of zooming or widening it may require some climbing, walking, or maybe even jumping.


1. Find one subject and take pictures of it using different perspectives that are mentioned in this section. Perspectives may be as slight or similar as you’d like! E.g. building from down low and from eye level or an egg close-up of a feature of the building, etc. Pay close attention to how different vantage points may affect the lighting of your image for the next section.

2. Do this with at least three different subjects.

3. Take at least three images of each, but really as many as you would like.

4. Edit the photographs in black and white.

5. Compare the images and decide which angle or vantage point you like the best out of all of the pictures that you have selected that were your favorites. *Brownie points if: you can find ways to incorporate frames within frames, juxtaposition and/or repetition into the photographs that you take.

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