project for beginner photographers - conceptualizing passage of time

Describing the passage of any amount of time in a single still image is a challenge to many photographers, and even more so when attempting to find creative ways to express it. Some techniques in showing passage of time are easier than others.

Look for both simple ways to describe passage of time like empty bottles, as well as ways to show it through movement like a flowing water faucet. Remember that if you are using movement and motion and using a long exposure your best bet would be to use a tripod or have some sort of flat surface to keep your camera on. 


1. Demonstrate passage of time through photographs using suspended motion, motion blur and visual flow.

2. Practice using each one form and have one photograph which is editable from each form of motion.

3. Make sure to refer back to understanding how shutter speed works if you are having issues with camera shake or blurry images with no clarity at all.

4. Edit Pictures.

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