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Men's portraits are more difficult than women's because they should look more masculine. So how does a photographer actually convey masculinity through a photograph? Well, throughout my time as a photographer, I have learned that men are an entirely new animal when it comes to providing images to my clients. My photography style with men is somewhat more candid, and involves careful posing to draw out more masculine features. 

My services are affordable, and start at $150. 
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portraits for men in fort collins, co for...
dating profiles... what?!

Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Model Photographer | Devon Asiago Fish

You read that right. When men come to me to have their portraits taken, they don't actually come to me for just business portraits. They also hit me up for "dudeoir" (basically boudoir, but for dudes), dating profile photography and just some plain old vanity shots (ain't nothin' wrong with that!) While we're at it, we typically take some pictures that are on the more professional side, although the focus is typically helping men take decent pictures that they can add to their dating profiles. Men typically have a harder time getting dates when using dating apps, and good pictures are crucial to actually getting some right swipes and likes.

Men's Professional Portraits | Fort Collins, Colorado Business Headshot Photographer | Harabek
Fort Collins, CO Professional Headshots Photographer | United States Air Force: Frank C. Hall

and of course professional business headshots for men too...

Alright, so not all men are into the whole vanity thing, and they would rather take a selfie than hire someone to do it for them. But where's the fun in that?! If you are just looking to update your business headshots, then no worries. I am here to save the day! I take business headshots that are professional, but still interesting and you will never see a sucky picture from me. 

Fort Collins Professional Business Headshots Photographer | Trinity Hughes Construction & Architectural Design: Dave Lilley
Amazing Fort Collins, CO Photographers - Brad McRae; Ph.D. Northern Arizona University

i specialize in men's portraits and headshots.
therefore... hire me! ;-)

Seriously, you will not regret hiring me as your photographer. Sessions are full of fun and usually a little bit on the adventurous side. I place no judgment, because - hey, we all need pictures of ourselves for different reasons. I am respectful of every type of portraiture that people may need whether it's dudeoir, business headshots or dating profile pictures.

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