7 walls and murals in fort collins for photographers to use

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Not long ago I was fortunate enough to be asked by a colleague to help him update his business portraits and professional headshots. He asked if I'd be down for a bit of an adventure throughout this small but busy town of Fort Collins, and of course the answer was, "Hell yeah! Sign me up." 

The goal was to hit as many murals as possible, and it really only took us a couple of hours. I'm sure that by now if you live in Fort Collins you have already seen most of the murals that are throughout the main streets of old town, and the giant hippie mural outside of Rockin' Robbins. 

We opted for something a bit different, and soon after the hummingbird was finished at Chipper's Lanes we decided to use it! I have pictures of a lot of the murals in Fort Collins from other clients, but these are pretty recent and are one of my favorite sets. Truly, I am a sucker for murals and wall art, especially when they are abstracted by narrower apertures and having the subject a bit distanced from the wall.

*Note: Fort Collins is being gentrified to shit, so a lot of these murals may end up covered or destroyed at some point, and therefore may no longer be available. Sorry for the strong feelings there!

Interested in going on a similar adventure and getting your portraits done with murals throughout the city of Fort Collins? 
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5. Old Lyric Cinema Cafe

You may have a little bit of time left to get some pictures taken with these villainous creatures, however there is also a possibility that they will be gone soon, as The Lyric has moved and the old building is under construction. Sad, I know. But seriously, get them while you can!

4. CreatePlaces

So we actually stopped in this place so he could drop off some things to the owner of CreatePlaces which is just up north of Fort Collins Old Town, but it turns out they had several really bad ass murals for us to use! The green one is indoors, but looked fantastic with the light and catch lights from the windows, and the pink was just outside of the building.

3. Honeybees 

The honeybee mural, I want to say, is behind The Travel King in the alley way just off of Mulberry and College Avenue, although I could be mistaken, and it may be behind Rockin' Robbins in Fort Collins. I will update this soon to give a straight answer, I promise! The orange wall was next to it, and was selected, mostly because it complimented the shirt well... and because... ya know.. the whole light shade opportunity thing.

2. Chippers Lanes (Horsetooth & Mason) Hummingbird

Before you say anything, yes I already know this includes harsh lighting. Blah. We didn't have the whole day, so we decided to go for it anyways and use this mural as well. It's a gorgeous piece and I am sure that early mornings make for fantastic pictures, as this is a West-facing wall. Otherwise for photographers, just plan on bringing your reflector or your flash to make use of this one! This painting is at the South Fort Collins Chippers Lanes location. 

1. Jazz Alley & Old Firehouse Alley

Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | RadarRelay: Patrick Ortell

Jazz Alley is one I frequently use, and I have seen a few others use it, but not a ton. This is one of my favorites because I have never had an issue with bad lighting and it's easy to arrange my subjects to get optimal light. If the sun does just so happen to be directly over head, it would like only take about 5 minutes for it to get out of the way, because its ceiling is so narrow.

Ready to update the old LinkedIn profile picture with some dope business headshots/professional portraits? If you're in or near Fort Collins, then you're in luck!
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