4 types of professional headshots you should consider

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Everyone hates it when their boss tells them they need to update their professional headshots. Even worse is when a person comes to the conclusion on their own that their most recent professional headshot is from 8 years ago, and doesn't look anything like them anymore! Hiring a professional who knows what they are doing can help ease the awkwardness and make it a more memorable event. I offer business headshots to professionals throughout the Fort Collins and Loveland area, and I make sure that your stand out from the rest of the people out there! Whether you are needing it for your LinkedIn account, business card or other purposes, I can help you plan everything from where to go, what to wear, how to pose and what to do with your face!

1. environmental portraits

Senior Portrait Session | Fort Collins, CO Photographer

A lesser known type of photography is environmental portraiture. This doesn't mean you are outside hiking, but it places you in an environment which is familiar to you. For example as a writer you may find that you do most of your writing at a strange coffee shop or restaurant. Or as a chiropractor, you may find that you are usually at the practice working on people. Having pictures taken which can be used to show what you do is a favorite type of session for me. I love showing people what kinds of things you do with your time, and all of the work you put into what you do!

2. candid headshots

Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Model Photographer | Penny Lane

Alright, so not everyone feels comfortable looking into a camera. Sometimes it's even unnecessary for you to be looking directly at the camera. This is why I offer a more candid type of photography session to my clients who want headshots, but aren't necessarily comfortable putting on a show! I get it, believe me. Ironically enough I am one of the most camera shy people you will ever even being a professional photographer! These types of pictures are more common for people entering the modeling biz, but professionals sometimes get them too!

3. basic headshots

Leah McCabe | fort collins photographer - pics by darah

You can get basic headshots without being basic. And seriously they aren't even that basic. I shoot on location, meaning we can go anywhere your heart desires for your pictures. I have tracked down some really awesome murals throughout the city of Fort Collins, CO which can help make your picture stand out! Or if you know of murals that you prefer then you can certainly let me know, and I will accommodate several locations if it means you're going to look fantastic and feel your best!

4. group portraits

Group Business Portraits Photographer - Elevations Chiropractic Practice in Fort Collins, CO

If you own a business in Fort Collins, CO I can take your group business portraits. This cost can be split among co-workers to make it more affordable, and of course less boring than just getting your pictures done alone. You will still receive your own personal headshots gallery, but in addition, you can include friends and other people from work. 

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