Winter time can be intimidating for photographers who shoot on location and their clients too! Because of the snow, cold and the limited options available it can be a major challenge when it  comes to selecting places to shoot in Fort Collins. First and foremost: stop freaking out about snow or cold weather. It is possible to take fantastic photographs and still have a good time. Simply dress for the weather, and work together as client and photographer to find a great location or two. Rather than being afraid of the snow, hope for it! The snow can add an extra layer of excitement to your pictures that weren't there before. Winter isn't as scary as it sounds, especially when clients want something a little bit different than what everyone else is using. Use your creativity skills and look for both indoor and outdoor locations to shoot in around town.

Because some of these businesses, I highly recommend just calling ahead of time and letting them know you will be using their store as a photography studio. Most do not care, however, because for them it means free marketing!

See a Fort Collins Old Town location that you like? Or two? Or even three?! Send me a message so we can set you up with an appointment!

10. Pinball Jones | Fort Collins, CO

The location might be small, but fellow geeks and gamers may enjoy this spot. Since it's in Old Town Square, it may also present an opportunity for Fort Collins photographers to take advantage of Old Town Square's skating rink, Santa's workshops and nearby alleys and local shops like Happy Lucky Tea House or Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys.

9. Swetsville Zoo | Timnath, CO

Fort Collins, CO Photographer at the Swetsville Zoo in Timnath, CO

Why not make this an interesting photoshoot. This fun location has metal art displays, and is along the river in Timnath, CO across from the large Walmart off of i-25 and Harmony Road. This is actually a great location no matter what time of year!

8. Old Town | Fort Collins, CO

Old Town Fort Collins, CO at night near the Northern Hotel on North 287

Every winter, the city of Fort Collins puts on a major light display in its entire downtown. Their decorations, combined with those belonging to local businesses brighten up the downtown. While you are down there, check out the skating rink, and maybe even turn that into part of your photo session! This location is especially awesome if client and photographer are both willing to do the photography session at night time!

7. The Opera Galleria | Fort Collins, CO

The Bondurant Family - Round 2! | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

The Opera Galleria is home to several shops in Fort Collins, but offers an indoor area where you may find an opportunity for photographs. Make sure to at least pay a little visit to Rocket Fizz while you are there!

6. Rocket Fizz | Fort Collins, CO

Candy Product Photography at Rocket Fizz in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO

Photographers may find opportunity at Rocket Fizz in Fort Collins, because of all of the colors and how interesting those backgrounds may turn out later on with bright pops of color and smiles all around! This is located in Old Town, so it doesn't have to be the only location for the photoshoot. It is right next to Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys, and the Opera Galleria if you are looking to add some variety into your photoshoot.

Want to take your pictures at Rocket Fizz, Fort Collins, CO? Send me a message now to schedule an appointment!

5. They Alley Cat Cafe | Fort Collins, CO

Alley Cat Cafe Barista in Fort Collins, CO

This is a quirky little place with art galore, and it is located in the arts district of downtown Fort Collins. It is a hot spot for studying and business people, and it can get extremely crowded. According to management, it's slower times are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. Perfect timing, because with all of the windows you will find beautiful lighting conditions. If you get bored of this spot or want to add some variety, try heading downtstairs to the hookah bar which has an interesting little patio, and once again - interesting lighting opportunities!

4. The Streets of City Park Neighborhood | Fort Collins, CO

Winter photography in Fort Collins, CO of kids in the cold snow

The streets in Fort Collins, CO - especially during snowfall and other winter weather conditions can make for an interesting background, and if there are parks nearby then it is an excellent opportunity to make use of multiple locations for photographers and their clients. 

3. Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys | Fort Collins, CO

Beads on Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys in Fort Collins, CO

This unique little store in downtown Fort Collins has three different levels to the store where you can get creative. Photographers have used this store many times in the past, and the owners are used to photographers coming in and using their shop as a venue. For families and children, this can be an extremely colorful place with imaginative play opportunities and an atmosphere which is less than boring for kids if you are doing a children's or family photoshoot.

2. City Park | Fort Collins, CO


The gardens on Spring Creek Trail in Fort Collins puts up a fancy display of lights each year, and it is open for the public to explore and enjoy. These are multi-colored lights, so get your family dressed up festively and look forward to interesting pops of color!

1. Edora Park | Fort Collins, CO

Edora Park has a variety of trees, and also some large and mature evergreens. These trees make for great backdrops, especially when there is snow available! Not far is The Environmental Learning Center which you may be able to find some interesting photo ops at as well!

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