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Why do models need to take the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator test?

The MBTI Test is given to models who wish to work with me, and make it easier for me to understand how the interaction will go, where the session will be and what I can expect.

I don't have a perfect body. Can I still be a model?

First, I do not believe that there is a "perfect body." Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. While you may not think your body is perfect, the fact of the matter is SOMEONE out there will. Different body types represent REAL people, and are what make pictures interesting! That said, while you do not have to have a "perfect" body you DO have to be comfortable with your body. You MUST be able to get in front of a camera uninhibited.

What does TFPP stand for?

TFPP, in the modeling-photographer relationship world stands for Time for Pics/Portfolio. This means that there is no cost to either the photographer or the model. Quite simply the model and photographer work together to build each others portfolio with no expectation of monetary gain.

What is the point of modeling if I'm not being paid for it?

Easy, Young Grasshopper. That is a great question, but it also raises a question for the photographer: what's the point of making pictures if I'm not being paid for it? The answer is, of course, loving what one does and the first stepping stone. While the model's goal is to become recognized, so is the photographers.

Okay, so then why offer paid sessions still if you're offering them for free?

Paid sessions and modeling sessions are MUCH different. The modeling session must meet specific criteria. The model must be willing to give the photographer complete control of the session, including every detail, subject, location and concept. With a paid session, I collaborate with clients, and they choose the subjects.

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You took pics of my kids, and I need them updated.

Can I still get in with you? YES! Once a client, always a client! I will be continuing my work with clients whom I have worked with in the past. Children's portraiture will always be considered one of my specialties.

What types of paid sessions are you offering?

While I will continue to provide private sessions, these are being limited to only 1-2 per month. I am currently providing sessions for senior portraits, engagement photography, professional headshots, children's portraits (this includes whole families, however the primary focus is always children during sessions) and architectural photography.

What types of paid sessions are you discontinuing?

I am no longer providing photography coverage for events, PR, weddings, newborns or social gatherings.

Do you only provide Photography services and modeling opportunities in Wichita Falls?

For clients, I am willing to travel up to a 30 mile radius free of charge. For models, I am offering opportunities in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett and surrounding areas, as well as within DFW & Oklahoma City.

What can I do with the pictures you take of me?

There are some quid pro-quos involved, but a lot of the rules are loose. You may print images and use them for your portfolio, share them on social media with credit to me, use for a portfolio to share with agencies and modeling organizations, a high school year book, print them, etc. Clients and models will never be granted permission to claim images as their own, use them to create photo storybooks, be given full copyrights, use them for photography contests or edit the images excluding cropping to meet social media standards.

What will you do with the images you take of me?

I use images for art shows, contests, selling prints, submission to magazines and publications, my portfolio, blog, social media and other marketing purposes.

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