Pics of Trump Resistance Protest Fort Collins

My head has been spinning because of the racist rhetoric circling the web. I feel my heart collapse more and more every time a "friend" of mine condones the construction of a larger wall, the persecution of Muslims or tells me that women's rights or science don't matter.  I have experienced internalized racism and shame in my Hispanic blood in the past, because these people who claim to not be racist laugh and mock my Mexican heritage.  I still have family who suffer from internalized racism, and I don't know whether to be sympathetic or to be angry with them.  It's 2017, we should be past this.  

The people who break down oppressed people are not my friends, and I'm ashamed of how long it's taken me to voice my beliefs on the subject.

I thought the world was getting lonelier because of them, and that people didn’t care anymore. But that’s changed recently with the people who have stood behind Mexicans, Muslims, women and other intersectional minorities. I was able to see how many people encouraged the underdogs to keep going, no matter how defeated, isolated, anxious or terrified they feel. Their voices reverberate solidarity.

These ARE my friends, whether I’ve just met them, or have known them for decades.

The people who are my friends are the people who echo my despair and anger, and who push those individuals to keep going. They are the people who marched for women and to oppose the war on Muslims and Hispanics. They are the ones who openly show their disdain for the actions of a blatantly homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, hedonistic, sadistic, narcissistic orange ape.

My friends are the people who refuse divisiveness. My friends are both the individuals I know and haven’t met yet who are careful with the hearts of those who are being publicly scrutinized and humiliated by a super villain and his cronies.  They realize that I would not be here if it weren’t for immigrants, and most likely neither would they. They are my friends because they tell those who are under the attack of a racist leader that they will stand behind them no matter how down, defeated or hurt they feel.

They are my friends because they don’t follow the mass hysteria that claims that all Muslims are extremists. They aren't so gullible to believe the Mexicans that cross the border are criminals, rapists and drug lords.  Some could be… But at least none of these people crossing the Mexican border are tyrannical, evil,money-hungry, authoritarian, modern-day Hitlers leading a regime of neo-nazis.

As for these images, they show the faces of people who chose to come to the U.S. across the U.S.-Mexican border to work hard for slave wages, some images of which are 80 years old. It has the faces of impoverished migrant workers who lived to tell me the stories of traveling across the border to work, and returning to Mexico some time after.

Somehow, from these purportedly dirty, disgusting immigrants descended individuals who have become lawyers, health workers, government officials, entrepreneurs, business professionals and military servicemen and women. They would be proud to know that their hard work and persistence paid off.

I look at these pictures a lot, because they inspire me. These are pictures of my family: that have been described as “disgusting,” “dirty,” “beaners”, “wetbacks”, “criminals”, “drug-dealers” and “rapists.” These are pictures of my family and ancestors whom I love and adore and appreciate more than they’ll ever know.

Jeez, these Mexicans look so dangerous, right?

They're so dangerous they fought Hitler in WWII

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