professional headshots

I offer headshots which serve a variety of purposes. I tend to specialize in men's headshots, as they can be challenging for many photographers. For example, certain poses may imply dominance or masculinity while others would demonstrate femininity. 

I am an expert in posing, choosing locations, outfits and especially color theory. I want to make sure that you look fantastic, and that your pictures are still somewhat unique (e.g. avoiding the confines of a stuffy, boxed-in and generic studio portraits set. 

No judgment, of course, if that's your style, and I am definitely not opposed to setting up a session in the studio. My recommendation, however, is to make the entire world a studio. Fort Collins, Loveland and even Greeley have so many beautiful urban and natural areas, it seems a waste to not use them! Plus, you'll save a few dollars going out into the world with me. It's not as terrible as it sounds, don't worry.  ;-)

photographer in fort collins, loveland & greeley


I primarily serve Northern Colorado, although I offer photography services in other cities on occasion as well - Boulder and Denver more specifically. I am more familiar with Fort Collins and Greeley, although I've got a few fantastic ideas for the Denver area.

collaboration is key! not control.

While I can sometimes act like a bit of a know-it-all, I know that I cannot 100% take the reigns for your set. Something I always try to remember is that while I am an expert in the area of photography - posing, lighting, equipment, locations, colors, clothing/style, etc. - you are an expert about YOU. That means I will need your help understanding who you are, what you do and do no like about yourself; what your favorite colors, hobbies, activities are; or if there is something else about yourself that you'd like to highlight. Additionally, (and as hard as it may be) you're just about guaranteed to have some flaws that you don't want to be the center of your pictures, and it is important for you to be honest about those things...

Believe me, I've never stepped into a photoshoot with someone who had absolutely no insecurities, and it's important for my clients to be honest with me about those things. More importantly, it's important to me that my clients are honest about what they DO like about their body, personality or style. This practically guarantees pictures that you'll like. We want to showcase the best things about you, and together we can  most certainly make that happen!

Together, my clients and I work together to create portraits which highlight their best features. I'm not here to take total control, and 

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