awesome fort collins based ghostwriter!


Ghostwriting services pair nicely with product photography if you need someone to write on your blog, create an eBook for you or create product descriptions on your e-commerce platform or website. These tedious tasks can sometimes consume people's valuable time when they could be focusing on more important things like meetings or managing their business in other ways. A ghostwriter is skilled in SEO, so that when they write for you they are keeping your search ranking in mind. 

I provide this service to businesses in the Fort Collins, CO and other surrounding areas for bloggers, magazines and other local publishers. 

why i love ghostwriting

I am sure you are wondering why I would ever enjoy allowing someone else to steal my thunder. The most simple answer I can give to you is that I am but a shy internet ghost and I don't really like attention. When I write for you, I allow you to take full copyrights and say that the writing was yours. I have written for authors on blogs, chapters in their books, and on websites that don't necessarily give writers credit like Amazon. 

what if someone finds out?!

Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I write for people without ever telling anyone about who I am writing for. I never disclose the names of businesses or even excerpts of writing which can be easily searched and identified. Instead, I suggest checking out my blog for samples of my writing, or downloading my free eBook. Second to photography, marketing and advertising is where the majority of my work experience exists. So let's start collaborating!

affordable ghostwriting pricing

Ghostwriting doesn't have to be expensive. If you are interested in ghostwriting to go along with photography, then send me a quick message, so that I can get you on your way!

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