I no longer provide family portraits with the exception of returning clients. For wedding photography, please contact me, as I no longer shoot them on my own, and I have a business partner accompany me for video & photo services.

booking fees *DUN DUN DUNNN.*

Believe me, I wouldn't charge a deposit if there were a better way to guarantee that people would show up to their sessions and/or not cancel at the last second. All it takes is a few bad apples to change an entire business model - therefore I have to charge for it. 

how it works / the cost

  • Pay your booking fee & schedule your appointment
  • Go over outfit/location planning with me
  • Attend your photoshoot
  • Wait for your pictures to be edited (approximately 1-3 weeks - quality takes time)
  • View your online gallery & choose which images to purchase - I will reach out to find out which ones you would like, and then send an invoice along with a passcode to unlock your gallery or photos

  • pricing

    headshots & personal photography services

    Session Fee (time, talent, editing) : $125 per person
    Images : $60 each
    Full gallery unlock (14 images) : $275*

    *cost may be split by up to 4 people

product, storefront & group portraits

Session Fee (time, talent, editing): $200
Images : $175 each
Full gallery unlock (36 images) : $800*

*payment arrangements available

additional info

The deposit is non-negotiable and non-refundable. It is required if you would like me to arrange for childcare, take time off from my day job, drive to your shoot and edit your pictures. If you cannot make your appointment, I can reschedule it for you.

event photography

pr, events & parties (3 hours of session time)

Retainer Fee : $300, due at time of reservation

Event photography is charged for differently than portraits, as they are different types of work. Event photography covers PR events and parties. For example, concerts and festivals; networking events, ribbon cuttings, ground-breakings, forums, discussion panels & conferences and so forth.

All events require a $300 booking fee paid when you schedule my services. Once this is paid, you will have access to a gallery of photos where you may buy images individually or the entire gallery at a far lower price. 

These aren't exact prices as events are all very different, however you can expect about to pay about the following amount with gallery unlock fees, deposit and other applicable fees:








$250 per hour

Different types of events require different amounts of time. Weddings, for example would likely take much longer than a ribbon cutting for a chamber of commerce or grand opening of a store. If you aren't sure which event package is right for you, then be sure to check out more details on how pricing works!

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