About our Business services

Our business services are perfect for a very specific group of professionals: business owners who understand the importance of esthetics in consumerism - likely this is you!

Pictures speak a thousand words

When a consumer or potential buyers enters an ecommerce site, or is browsing products on a site like Amazon or Etsy, they are likely to choose products with professional images. Why? Well, consumers subconsciously have their own reasons. When pictures are poorly lit and appear amateur a consumer may think the company looks too new to have good reputation. They may think that they owner of the business doesn't care about what they're selling - so why should the consumer care? Or they may think it's a shady company that's out to steal their money and not deliver on their product - especially if they haven't yet developed a decent online reputation.

That's where we come in - we make your products look as great as they are intended to be, and you, as the owner, automatically appear more credible too! It shows that you care about what you are selling, and that it's truly impressive. It shows that you are excited about what you offer, and you've got the pictures to prove it!

Who we help

We serve local and non-local entrepreneurs who need some photos and videos of their products or services, and a lot of our clientele manages their own marketing. That means people who manage their own e-commerce sites and other small businesses.

We started offering business services, because we understand that hiring a full on marketing agency isn't right for everyone. Or perhaps hiring a full time employee to manage their marketing isn't a practical option. A marketing agency offers an invaluable service, but their services do not accommodate the small startups that just need a little bit of help. For example, the garage entrepreneur or small local business that doesn't have tens of thousands of dollars for their marketing budget. While it isn't always practical, the good news is that it isn't always necessary either!

Our services are typically great for businesses who like having control over their own website and social media, but want to present a more professional appearance.

Ultimately we offer three different tiers of service:

  • economy
  • season pass
  • annual pass

We offer payment arrangements, however the price is typically more expensive in the long run. We understand that not every budget is alike, and we are happy to accommodate various needs for payment arrangements.

economy - more info

This option serves to accommodate people whose businesses might not be completely off the ground. It's an affordable option for those who understand the value of an attractive and professional web presence.

How it works

We pick up samples of your product, or you can mail them to us. Once we receive the product, we will create a set in remotely for them with beautiful lighting and props or models that make sense for the product you are attempting to sell. Once we are done, you can choose to either have us keep the sample products or mail them back to you! We then spend about 3 weeks editing them. Sometime during those 3 weeks, we will send a preview gallery of the photos we have taken so that you can get a general idea of the style and offer us feedback.

For e-commerce, this package is a fantastic choice when you have less than 9 products. About 18 images are provided under this package, which include lightbox photos (plain white - similar to what you would see on Amazon), as well as set design for a number of images.

businesses & individuals that benefit from economy

  • e-commerce sites & online stores
  • local restaurants with a consistent menu
  • local storefronts with consistent products
  • inventors with a prototype to pitch
  • non-local businesses utilizing local distributors
  • businesses who prefer using remote contract workers

season pass - more info

This option is great for businesses that are established, manage their own marketing, but don't have time to worry about creating a set of photos, and are interested in tapping into YouTube with a teaser video.

Additionally, this service pairs well with people who offer a product that is consistent, but changes throughout the course of a year. For example, a clothing store that offers clothing that may change throughout the seasons.

How it Works

Every 3-4 months we would come visit your store, or you would send us products, and we would document what is new for that time of the year. During those visits we would take photographs, and we would also create video clips that could be used later on to create a 30-45 second teaser video for you to put online.

businesses & individuals that benefit from season pass

  • realtors & home rental companies
  • stores whose fashion lines change seasonally
  • plant cultivators & farmers
  • businesses that fall within the cannabis industry (dispensaries & other grow ops; CBD & hemp companies, etc.)
  • farm to table restaurants

annual pass - documentary series - more info

This service is provided as a long term contract to local businesses. It's a lot like having a photographer who works like an employee, except we provide our service to you once a month to once every two months depending upon your preferences.

At every visit, we both take photographs, and video clips to begin creating a short 2-3 minute video. The video would tell your story, and show off your business online!

Level 10 Cannabis Cultivation - Denver, CO

How it Works

Every 1-2 months we would visit your site(s) or store(s), and document your products or services. If you are a YouTuber/video streamer or creator, then we would visit you in your home, or wherever it might be that you do your work from. After 3 months, we will create a short teaser for you to use on your site - about 30 seconds long.

businesses & industries that benefit from annual pass

  • commercial construction workers
  • commercial real estate
  • plant cultivators & farmers
  • businesses that fall within the cannabis industry (dispensaries & other grow ops; CBD & hemp companies, etc.)
  • fashion stores
  • bakeries & fine foods restaurants
  • bloggers & YouTubers or Twitch streamers and eSports competitors

What We include in photo sets

  • lightbox photos - these are essentially plain white backgrounds similar to what you would see on Amazon and other professionally designed websites.
  • custom set design - we add props, or models, to show your product in use, or to make it look more attractive
  • group photos of all of your products
  • one of each photo both in the lightbox - and on a set
  • closeups of your product
  • packaged and unpackaged images
  • multiple angles when needed
  • your personal branding - e.g. logo or other identifiable features

Copyrights - What's the difference?

Copyrights are a very tricky subject, and people generally have questions about them. Unless you do feel like reading all of the federal copyrights that exist, here is a general breakdown:

Full Copyrights
Full copyrights essentially means that you have the right to claim the work as their own. We do not allow our clients to to claim our work as their own, or offer full copyrights.

Limited use license
Images do not require attribution in most cases, and may freely be used on a client's website or on social media. Photos may not be edited or altered in any way, shape or form except for what may be required by social media (e.g. cropping images into squares for Instagram). Additionally, clients may not use the images in publications or advertisements without attribution to @picsbydarah. Images are resized to 1600px on their longest edge to ensure proper use (appropriate for most web applications.) Images may be used in

commercial use license
Clients may use images for social media, website, advertisements and do not require attribution for any use. We will provide the client with JPG compressions/files at the largest size possible, but RAW files are not provided under this license. Video productions may not be altered by clients. Images and videos used for advertisements may ONLY be used as-is with no edits or alterations to them.

*Commercial use licenses may be purchased separately when they are not included in desired packages.

Editing rights
Editing rights are an exclusive permission to businesses who may need to use video footage and images for more extensive purposes. For example, a business may hire a web developer who needs access to RAW photos to create a logo out of an image. Or perhaps a graphic designer may need access to full size images in order to create an advertisement.

*Editing rights may be purchased separately when they are not included in packages.
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